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Explore Bovet diverse range of exceptional timepieces, all available to purchase at Watches of Switzerland US.

Bovet 19Thirty Collection


19THIRTY defines a new vision of traditional contemporary fine watchmaking, inspired by the richness and diversity of a heritage that has accompanied the history of the watchmaker’s art since 1822.

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Bovet By Pininfarina Collection

Bovet By Pininfarina

Bovet By Pininfarina is bursting with technical innovations and stylistic changes all harmoniously planned around a detailed series of specifications.

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Bovet Dimier Collection


Dimier has revolutionized watchmaking design by combining its movement with a registered design asymmetrical case.

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Bovet Fleurier Collection


This ingenious system enables a watch to be transformed from a wristwatch to a pocket watch, a pendant watch or even a table clock without the use of a single tool.

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Bovet Fleurier Complications Collection

Fleurier Complication

This vital interaction gives rise to a host of synergies, with each craftsman’s hand enhancing the work of his artisans.

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Bovet Fleurier Grandes Complications Collection

Fleurier Grandes Complications

Only sixty movements will leave the manufacture’s workshops, ensuring a level of exclusivity that reflects the excellence of this historic timepiece.

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Bovet Sportster Collection


Sportster recalls the advanced chronograph watch designs produced by BOVET in the Art Deco era.

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Discover the latest and greatest from Bovet.

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The House of Bovet 1922 Celebrates 198 Years of Pure Engineering Brilliance

About Bovet Timepieces

The House of BOVET is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury timepieces. It has artfully combined the most sophisticated mechanisms with the finest craftsmanship, employing artisanal techniques such as gem-setting, engraving, and miniature painting. For nearly 200 years, the House of BOVET has handcrafted the finest timepieces, allowing collectors to experience what is the true pleasure of the luxury of time. To further ensure this excellence, Mr. Pascal Raffy has limited the House’s annual manufacture of handcrafted timepieces, making all components in-house, respecting Swiss artisanal processes, and adding the commitment to exclusivity and uniqueness.

BOVET has been honored to receive more than 40 awards and distinctions. Such accomplishments are related to the fact that Mr. Raffy is himself a devoted collector, dedicated to preserving BOVET’s traditions. The House also celebrates the first exhibition case back and the longest power reserve in any timepiece ever made. Since Mr. Pascal Raffy became the owner of the House, 20 years ago, his commitment has been to honor watchmaking arts to continue to handcraft timepieces that fascinate and enthrall the most demanding collectors.

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