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Explore HYT's diverse range of exceptional timepieces, all available to purchase at Watches of Switzerland.

HYT H0 Collection


For HYT the H0 watches epitomize a proven will to recognize the purity of source, continually rejuvenating the brand's essential and transparent focus on the fluidity of time.

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HYT H1.0 Collection


The H1.0 is empowered by three-dimensional transparency. Viewed from any angle it takes an architectural approach to visualizing the passage of time, placing the present in the context of the past and future, using liquids.

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HYT H20 Collection


Liquid Matters. This fundamental truth is the inspiration, essence and driver of the H2.0. This collection offers radical perspectives on time, through mesmerizing 3D transparency, plus a shape resembling a smoothed stone that has weathered time to perfection.

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HYT H3 Collection


The sculptural H3 is essentially inspired by a fluid portayal of time. The central part of the H3 is reserved for the time display. This feature neither hands, nor satellite, nor any other system of time-reading ever invented before.

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HYT H4 Collection


These colorful new timepieces remain loyal to the brand's fil rouge of showcasing the power of the past and future to assign the present context and content.

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HYT H5 Collection


Just as erosion has gradually given our earth the mountain peaks, valleys and coastlines we treasure, the H5 timepiece mindfully shapes our perception of time. By showcasing time's flow, it helps us to value what was, what is and what may be.

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HYT Soonow Collection


There are moments when we want now to last forever. At other times, soon can't come fast enough. The SOONOW timepiece by HYT has the answer. Its intriguing and captivating presentation of time's flow is a constant reminder that every second counts. Because these moments are what add together to equal lives - ours.

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HYT Watches

HYT was born of a question. Time flows and only gains meaning through content. so why limit its measurement to indicating the now in splendid isolation, with needle-sharp hands or fleeting digital displays? Determined that its rebellion should make statements and waves, a multi-disciplinary think-tank set out to create timepieces that visibly connect the past, present and future. The HYT answer is a watch that overcomes the force of gravity to indicate the passage of time with liquids. Highly advanced technology took its cue from philosophy to mirror time's intrinsic fluidity.

Today HYT is an ecosystem that unites science, hi-technology, philosophy, art and design. Based in Neuchâtel, at the heart of the traditional swiss watchmaking region, a dedicated team of 43 individuals makes liquid time real time. Their radical wristwatches harmoniously incorporate a mechanical watch movement as the trigger to the fluid propulsion. They make total sense of time - time and time again.

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