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Penny Preville

Penny Preville

With a signature style that is always evolving, Penny Preville continues to set the trends in fine jewelry design. Stacking, layering, mixing, and matching allow loyal collectors to build and express their own unique identity through the jewelry. Wearable, versatile, and feminine. Jewelry without boundaries for a modern woman’s lifestyle.

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Collections by Penny Preville

Explore Penny Preville's diverse range of exceptional gifts, all available to purchase at Watches of Switzerland, Marlton.

Penny Preville Art Deco Collection

Art Deco

A signature Penny Preville collection, the Deco Collection is distinguished by sleek design, high-polished edges & classic diamond baguettes that are synonymous elements from the Art Deco period.

Penny Preville Galaxy Collection


The Galaxy collection is inspired by the galaxy, the cosmos & its composition of mixed materials. The vastness of the celestial sky inspired Penny to create pieces that are organic, yet mystical – clusters of diamonds & hand-etched starbursts are the signature design aesthetics in this collection.

Penny Preville Starburst Collection


The Starburst collection is a bold celestial look that incorporates different variations of diamond stars, starbursts & celestial motifs.

Penny Preville Stardust Collection


The Stardust collection is a sparkling representation of the night sky. Each piece is composed of round, pear-shaped & marquise-shaped diamonds, which appear to twinkle as they catch & reflect the light, much like mystifying stardust.

Penny Preville Water Colour Collection

Water Colour

The Watercolor Collection features a one-of-a kind array of soft pink, vibrant blue, radiant yellow & electric purple sapphires for a shimmery pop of color.

Penny PReville
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