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Bovet Engineering Brilliance

By Amanda Evans | 4 minute read

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The House of BOVET 1822 has taken the craft of watchmaking to another level by ‘sweetening’ its Miss Audrey collection even further by creating an incredibly unique dial made from sugar!

The history of watchmaking has illustrated innovation at its very best. Whilst brands have embraced their heritage, they have also welcomed the introduction of new technology and new materials to consistently stay ahead of the game and present pioneering innovations with aesthetic appeal to the global market.

The dial of a watch is probably the most standout element of its being – you could almost label a watch dial the window to the world and it is highly likely to make the first impression and draw initial intrigue. We have seen brands craft dials from precious metals, enamel, miniature painting, guilloche, engraving, mother-of-pearl, aventurine, skeleton and much more and BOVET 1822 is no exception. With an impressive 200-year history, this luxury brand has most probably used these techniques for its dials at some point. With engineering excellence at the heart of its core, the House of BOVET 1822 is now delighted to welcome the Miss Audrey Sweet Art to the collection, using a new process and a new material to create a world first in watchmaking, adorning the Miss Audrey Sweet Art Watch dial with pure sugar crystals.

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Coined by Owner of the House of BOVET, Mr Pascal Raffy, the sugar dial represents the purity and sweetness of a child’s carefree desires for confectionary. Enhancing the brilliance of the diamonds that adorn the bow and bezel, this sustainable material represents a breakthrough in engineering innovation, materials, and miniature painting. Created using an extraordinarily complex method, the sugar crystals are then applied by one of BOVET’s miniature painting artisans who choose the sweet crystals for size and hand apply them one by one to the dial. Courtesy of this process, each dial is unique. Available in a variety of colors, from solid hues to gradients, the Miss Bovet Sweet Art collection has an intriguing blend of texture, art, originality and captures the sweet romance of fine watchmaking.

We spoke with Senior Watch Buyer, Elizabeth Milward, to uncover her reaction to Bovet’s Miss Audrey Sweet Art Collection…

Explain to us, in your own words, why you think Bovet arrived at ‘sugar crystals’ as a material to incorporate into this revolutionary new collection?

Capturing the purity and sweetness of love, the sweet art collection showcases the romance of fine watchmaking. Known for their innovation and miniature paintings, the house of Bovet is always pushing boundaries and creating something truly unique. As each crystal is painted by hand in a choice of colors, the customization of each piece is something at the heart of Bovet and its collectors are an extension to the Bovet family. The craftsmanship and sweetness that has been put into each piece make it a perfect giftable piece for a loved one.

Surely one would think that incorporating sugar into the craft of watchmaking, that it would eventually deteriorate or change over time. How does Bovet overcome this?

The process of crafting this dial is extraordinarily complex. Firstly, the sugar crystals are prepared so the structure is not affected by light nor temperature. The crystals are then chosen for size and combined with special paints and hand-applied to the dial by one of BOVET’s miniature painting artisans. This demanding process, protected by a patent, leaves no room for error. One misstep and the entire process has to start again. The drying process of the dial takes several days and is extremely important in setting the crystals in place. Once dry the dial is left with an exceptional texture and luster to it. Awarded with the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève 2020 in the Ladies watch category, this collection is recognized across the industry.

Over the years we have seen a variety of materials used in the craftsmanship of luxury timepieces. From stainless steel, titanium, precious metals, bronze, ceramic, and carbon fiber…do you envisage other luxury watch manufacturers following in Bovet's footsteps and incorporating more sustainable and unusual materials?

Now more than ever, it is important that sustainability takes precedence over all areas of our lives. We have seen many brands pushing technical innovation with more eco-friendly materials and processes which I believe we only continue to grow across the industry. The innovation and expertise put into timepieces is something that will last a lifetime, and I believe sustainability and innovation will pave the way for generations to come.

Of the varying iterations, which is your favourite and why?

For me, it is the graded blue and grey timepiece that is my favorite. The depths of the color are truly amazing. The blue complements the strap color and sapphires on the crown and strap bolts. For me it is the finer details such as the love heart hands that add such finesse to the most beautiful timepiece. The signature patented and unique Amadéo® convertible case allows the timepiece to be transformed into a wristwatch, table clock, or pendant without the use of any tools, making the timepiece extremely versatile .I would most definitely wish to be gifted one of these pieces.

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3 timepieces in 1

36mm stainless-steel case, automatic movement, approximate 42-hour power reserve, sugar crystal-set dial. diamond-set bezel, alligator-leather strap, water-resistant to 30 metres.

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Born in the mind and heart of Mr. Pascal Raffy, the owner of the House of BOVET for 20 years this year, the Miss Audrey Sweet Art takes sugar crystal and transforms it – all with the goal of capturing the sweetness of love and the purity of a child’s carefree desire for confections. House of BOVET 1822

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