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Cartier Embraces Craftsmanship, Style and Sustainability

By Amanda Evans   |   4 minute read

cartier watches and wonders swiss watches calibre

Cartier has always been synonymous with luxury since it began crafting exquisite watches and jewellery back in 1847. Recognised globally as the brand that popularised the wristwatch further to the introduction of the original Santos at the turn of the 20th century, Cartier has continued to push the boundaries of creativity. With exacting standards that shape a well-defined character, Cartier’s creations harness the relentless quest for the perfect form and this year’s revelations at Watches & Wonders Geneva 2021 are no exception. With exciting new additions to the Pasha de Cartier; Cartier Tank; Ballon Bleu de Cartier; Collectors Cartier and Precious Jewellery watch collections, Cartier has excelled in demonstrating its culture of design and innovation.

The Pursuit of style and sustainability

The Tank is back, inspired by the Tank Louis Cartier, the Tank reinvents itself in the Tank Must collection which will now replace Tank Solo. Tank Must harnesses the authenticity of the historic design whilst bringing a new sophistication to the aesthetics. Available in steel and paved steel creations, the redesign of this classic incorporates rounded brancards, revisited dial proportions, curved links on the interchangeable steel strap and the latest and most adept quartz movement with an 8-year autonomy. Honouring the colours embedded within Cartier’s DNA, the Tank Must is also available in three limited edition colours of red, blue, and green. The notable Tank Louis Cartier has also had a design lift, now featuring two limited editions with a choice of either blue or red accents against a chromatic backdrop on the dial, further enhancing the purity of the watch lines. Roman numerals and gold coloured “rail tracks” add that extra finesse as well as enhancing the dial’s graphic identity.

cartier watches and wonders swiss watches calibre

Perhaps a highlight of the collection is the new Tank Must Innovation, demonstrating Cartier’s commitment to sustainability and ethical responsibilities that will no doubt appeal to a new generation of Cartier enthusiasts. With a ground-breaking double innovation, a photovoltaic principle has been applied to the dial of the Tank Must. The dial aesthetics remain seemingly untouched to the naked eye, however the lightly perforated Roman numerals allow light to permeate the dial and reach the photovoltaic cells beneath. The Tank Must Innovation is the first watch to incorporate this advanced technology known as the Solarbeat™ movement which has an impressive average lifespan of 16 years. In another pioneering movement Cartier has also created a strap made from recycled materials as opposed to leather which not only guarantees the quality and comfort expected by Cartier customers but also minimises Cartier’s carbon footprint. We commend Cartier’s pursuit of style and sustainability and believe it will open the doors to a brand new Cartier customer.

A New Chronograph Interpretation

The iconic Pasha de Cartier collection has expanded to include a 30mm timepiece with the diameter of a typical jewellery watch. With a quartz movement and more delicate profile, it embraces all the signature details found in the original Pasha. Expanding the collection further is the exciting addition of the new 41mm Pasha de Cartier Chronograph. With a daring sporty aesthetic and perhaps a more masculine iteration, the design is enhanced by a rotating bezel engraved with Arabic numerals and two push pieces set with a cabochon, akin to the original Pasha. Powered by a 1904-CH MC Cartier Manufacture movement which can be viewed in all its glory through the sapphire crystal case back.

The chronograph interpretation differs from a simple display to offer a daring aesthetic alternative.Marie-laure Cérède, Director of Design, Cartier

cartier watches and wonders swiss watches calibre

A new vision of roundness

Completing the signature Ballon Bleu de Cartier collection is the new Ballon Bleu de Cartier 40mm watch. With its harmonious design and precise proportions, the 40mm size complements the wrist of both men and women, also aligning with a recently seen watch trend of larger case sizes for women’s watches across the luxury watch landscape. Cartier have also introduced the interchangeable strap function to the watch whilst preserving the shape and construction of the case. This improvement will be implemented across the complete collection and can be adapted to most existing models. Already a vision of beauty, Cartier has now released new coloured versions to the Ballon Bleu de Cartier with subtle hues of deep blue, dark grey and an incredible rose gold adding a refined vibrancy to this stunning Cartier classic, presenting a new vision of roundness to be embraced.

cartier ballon bleu de cartier calibre watches

Playful mastery

Collectors of luxury timepieces and Cartier enthusiasts will be excited to discover Cartier’s latest additions to the Cartier Privé and Vintage collections and the limited-edition Santos-Dumont. The Precious Jewellery watch collection has also expanded with meticulously created pieces that showcase the height of watchmaking expertise whilst respecting the most inspiring creative visions. This is where the lines between time and jewellery are blurred to create a playful mastery in watchmaking excellence.

cartier watches and wonders swiss watches calibre

With additions to some of the most iconic collections coupled with an innovation harnessing Cartier’s commitment to sustainability, Cartier has certainly made its mark on Watches & Wonders Geneva 2021.

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