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Introducing New Oris Calibre 400

By Sarah Jayne Potter   |   5 minute read

Introducing New Oris Calibre 400

Since its founding in 1904, Oris has continued to transform their watches to meet the needs of the citizen of today’s world. What should a mechanical watch movement be capable of? How can it perform better? How can this be achieved whilst remaining at the best possible price? This ambitious feat has now been met and Oris are proud to announce their new, highly accurate automatic movement, developed in-house, that sets the new standard – the Calibre 400.

Calibre 400 is a totally new movement, devised independently by Oris and made by a network of Switzerland’s finest suppliers. For those with a keen eye for detail, the movement has even been crafted to the shape of the infamous Oris Bear. Created by highly skilled watchmaking engineers using world class manufacturing techniques, every detail has been analysed to ensure nothing less than exceptional quality at the best possible price. This includes going without chronometer certification despite the movement falling within COSC tolerance. Oris has raised the bar in automatic mechanical movements and fulfilled an ambition to create a highly accurate movement to meet the needs of the of the modern world.

We think a bit harder and come up with sober solutions that mean we can make a watch for people in love with watches, and not only for the privileged few. Calibre 400 isn’t just another mechanical watch movement – it’s a movement that gives answers to the questions of our time. More than that, it serves our customers. ROLF STUDER, ORIS’S CO-CEO

Beat Fischli, Chief Operating Officer of Oris, created the movement from the ground up with his team of engineers. Understanding the needs of the citizen of the modern world was key to producing a contemporary calibre that fulfilled these needs and accommodated the way in which we live today. Many of us now own more than one watch, perhaps we also have a smartwatch. But our expectations of the longevity of a luxury watch are understandably high. Not only because we expect it to be designed and engineered to last but also because we are far more conscious of the impact that our decisions have on the environment.

From conceptualisation, Oris’s engineers identified 3 key areas of improvement to meet the demands of today’s watch-wearer and Calibre 400 delivers on its promises. The discerning owner of a watch powered by Calibre 400 can expect an impressive five-day power reserve, a notably high level of anti-magnetism and a 10-year warranty and recommended service intervals.

Upon recognising that we might not wear the same watch every day, it became evident that a concept solution was required to ensure that the power reserve did not run down after just a couple of days, as expected from a standard mechanical watch. By introducing a twin barrel concept, the Calibre 400 defies the norm with an impressive five-day power reserve so it’s ready to go when you are.

The way in which we live today throws so many more obstacles at mechanical watches. In the modern world of today we are surrounded by magnetic fields that can have a negative impact on the performance of mechanical watches. Magnets can be found in computers, phone cases and airbags, and when mechanical watches encounter these forces their accuracy diminishes. To compensate for this, Oris engineered a totally new escapement using a further 30 anti-magnetic components. As a result, the impact of magnetic fields on the accuracy of Calibre 400 is now reduced by 90 percent, in comparison to a standard Swiss mechanical watch movement, and exceeds the standard required by the ISO 764 enhanced anti-magnetic standard.

It’s an intelligent concept, it has a smart choice of materials that gives it its antimagnetic properties, and the engineering solutions deliver the reliability that mean we can offer a 10-year warranty and 10-year service intervals. There’s nothing else like it. ROLF STUDER, ORIS’S CO-CEO

Seeking an ambition to eliminate any problems before they occur and reduce wear and tear, Oris’s engineers also developed a new rotor system for the Calibre 400, omitting the brand’s signature red rotor in favour of a stainless-steel skeleton rotor. This presents more stability and efficiency and is altogether far less complex. 21 oversized jewels also support the correct quantity of oil within the movement.

Such is the confidence behind this advanced engineering, Oris offers a 10-year warranty on any watch powered by Calibre 400 when you register the watch with MyOris. As an addition, 10-year recommended service intervals mean that with the exclusion of accidental damage and water resistance checks, there should be no need to service a Calibre 400 watch until 2030.

When it came to choosing which of Oris’s current mechanical watch collection should pioneer the state-of-the-art Calibre 400, there was no contest – The Oris Aquis Date. It holds an iconic status amongst contemporary diver’s watches; is reliable and well equipped with multiple functions. It’s a watch favoured by both men and women worldwide who share a passion for watches.

Aquis Date Calibre 400:

  • Stainless-steel case
  • Case size – 43.5mm
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel with ceramic insert Dial
  • Stunning Gradient Blue Dial
  • Hands and indices with Super-LumiNova®
  • Stainless-steel bracelet OR black rubber strap
  • Quick Strap change system

The new Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 differentiates itself from the original Aquis Date in several ways. The 43.5mm case hosts a gradient blue dial featuring the words ‘5 days’, indicating the impressive power reserve it is equipped with in the mechanics beneath it. The date window is larger and with a black date disc as opposed to the original white disc, and the sapphire case back is the largest ever installed in an Aquis Date, allowing an enviable view into this remarkable movement.

The watch is still water-resistant to a depth of 30 bar (300 metres) and the uni-directional rotating bezel still has a scratchproof ceramic insert. Super-LumiNova® is also still featured on the hands and indices to instil safe diving confidence.

The Aquis Date Calibre 400 is available with a choice of a stainless-steel bracelet or black rubber strap. Both versions are also appointed with Oris’s newest patented development – the Quick Strap change system which allows the simple release of a bracelet or strap through the lift of a flap, with no tools or jeweller required.

Powered by Calibre 400 with a 5-day power reserve, enhanced anti-magnetic properties and supported by a 10-year warranty and service intervals. Quite simply put, the new Aquis Date Calibre 400 sets the new standard in diver’s watches.

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