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Welcome to Hamilton

By Amanda Evans | 4 minute read

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It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Hamilton – the latest watch brand to join our online portfolio here at Watches of Switzerland and Mayors.

Established in Pennsylvania in 1892 and part of the Swatch Group since 1974, the brand’s production and Headquarters reside in the heart of watchmaking country in Biel, Switzerland. American at heart and with strong ties to military and aviation heritage, not forgetting its Hollywood ‘Movie Brand’ moniker after appearing on the silver screen since 1932, Hamilton is an iconic and innovative brand.

A Heritage Built Upon Innovation

Hamilton made a name for itself during the time when America was building the crucial infrastructure for its railroads. The brand supplied watches that were credited with the precision that would help synchronize time on the rail tracks and avoid the occurrence of accidents,

By 1918, Hamilton’s focus was upon the skies as the age of aviation ensued and timing of air travel became of huge importance. Hamilton watches were responsible for the timely service of the U.S. Airmail and subsequently became synonymous with the world of aviation.

Much of Hamilton’s success can be accredited to innovation. With major developments in watchmaking emerging in the mid 20th century, Hamilton followed suit with the launch of the Ventura in 1957, the world's first battery-powered electrical timepiece. This was soon followed in 1970 by Pulsar, an LED digital watch that became another global first in watchmaking for Hamilton.

Hamilton was really making its mark on the watch landscape and in 1974 became part of the prestigious Swatch Group, finally relocating its headquarters and production to Biel in Switzerland. By 2011 Hamilton, in partnership with ETA, the brand commenced production of its own movements which afford certain calibers extended power reserves of up to 80 hours.

Known for its American Spirit and Swiss Precision, Hamilton has built a strong reputation for craftsmanship based on a heritage of movie, military, and aviation. With collections that include automatic, mechanical, and quartz watches for both men and women, we are delighted to welcome Hamilton to our family of luxury watch brands.

Khaki Aviation Collection

Khaki Aviation watches have a reputation for reliability and precision. The sub families include Khaki X Wind and Khaki Pilot. Within the collection, you will find automatic, GMT, and pilot’s chronographs. The collection meets the standards of professional pilots, harnessing both adventure and accuracy.

Khaki Field Collection

Khaki Field watches are ready for the great outdoors and compete with some of the best sports watches. The collection of classic army style watches includes the sub families; Khaki King and Khaki Titanium. These robust watches are built for those who embrace life’s adventures outdoors and in the field.

Khaki Navy Collection

Khaki Navy watches include the sub-family; Khaki Scuba. Inspired by marine pioneers and designed with ocean explorers in mind, this collection incorporates Hamilton’s best timekeepers for divers and underwater explorers whilst harnessing an aesthetic style that will take these watches from the office to the ocean.

Ventura Collection

The Ventura is one of Hamilton's most iconic timepieces, a part of Hamilton's history that propelled it into the limelight as the world's first electric watch. Looking just as good today as it did then, the triangular Ventura is unconventional and daring yet with a distinct charm and DNA of pure Hamilton.

Jazzmaster Collection

Drawing on a long history of creating both women’s and men’s watches, this collection has a more refined look with quality craftsmanship being at the heart of each timepiece. If you’re seeking something extra special or a timepiece to mark a milestone moment then the Jazzmaster collection is for you.

American Classic Collection

The American Classic collection includes both chronographs and automatic watches, across sub-families such as PSR, Intra-Matic, Spirit of Liberty, and Ardmore. Combining vintage vibes and American heritage, there is a model to suit all styles amongst these versatile watches.

Explore more from Hamilton online at Watches of Switzerland.

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