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Year In Review Podcast - 2021

By Sarah Jayne Potter    |   2 minute read

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2021 has been a year for transformation, innovation, and change. The economic and luxury retail landscape manoeuvred around challenging aspects from store closures and the like to stock troubles and manufacturing delays. Here at the Watches of Switzerland Group though, we saw a phenomenal year despite this and 2021 saw us open new showrooms both in the UK and in the US. We partnered with some of our prestigious brands on exclusive watches and participated in some of the most prestigious events within the world of horology.

Our change and innovation were a testament to our teams, and together, we managed to create something that was truly exceptional in an unknown world, allowing us to enter 2022 with hope and positivity. While we begin to look forward towards the New Year, we asked some of our experts to look backwards and reflect on 2021. Our CEO Brian Duffy talks to watch editor and enthusiast Bill Prince about their years and notable events within the watch world in the latest episode of the Calibre podcast and and our expert buyers provided us an insight into their favourite pieces launched in 2021.

You can listen to Brian and Bill’s discussion in the podcast below.

As a type “Pilot’s” watches have a relatively consistent design – large case, clear dial with easy night time visibility, big winding crown and reassuringly substantial and secure leather strap. Many great brands have a Pilot’s in the their collection but one master of this type of watch is IWC and their Big Pilot’s is something of an icon for them. Traditionally available in a 46mm case 2021 saw them release a 43mm version that maintained “the Pilot look” but in a more wearable size and more suitable for my slender wrist. That it’s also available with a blue dial only adds to its appeal and is easily my highlight piece for 2021.

Mark Toulson, Head of Watch Buying

Labelled as one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable timepieces in history, the return of the Tank Must this year was exceptionally exciting. Paying homage to the legendary unconventional step taken by Cartier in the 1970s, we also saw the introduction of the SolarBeat models that give us insight into the watch industry welcoming sustainability. 2021 has been a strong year for Cartier and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2022.

Lisa Broun, Senior Watch Buyer

We were all thrilled to partner with Breitling again on a new timepiece for 2021. The new Endurance Pro is the second partnership between us and the brand, and the interesting green colourway is a great addition to the current Breitling Endurance Pro line, perfect for those who want a casual and athletic timepiece to add to their collection. By far one of my most favourite pieces of 2021.

Faye Soteri, Senior International Watch Buyer

This timepiece from the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300 collection is one of my favourites for 2021. The Aquaracer Professional 300 pays homage to the original 1980's classic with a versatile timepiece that appeals to diving lovers and professionals, making it the ultimate go-anywhere luxury tool watch. This model has octagonal polished indexes rather than angular indexes and features eight octagonal indexes with VS diamonds \(0.078ct\) that accentuate its elegant design. A true stand out watch!

For 2021, another true standout model is the 41mm blue day date Carrera 3 hand model, which features a more ergonomic case design, bolder hands, enhanced indexes, and a distinguishing dial with a striking blue colour that makes for a pleasingly classic dress watch. It appeals to both men and women driving enthusiasts and professionals, as well as those looking for clean, elegant watches, making it the ideal luxury watch for both occasion and everyday use.

Sophie Conroy, Watch Buyer

This OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra is the definition of elegance for women. It is made from stainless steel and beautiful 18K Sedna™ gold, a precious metal made by the brand themselves. The dial has an intricate and interesting wave-embossed dial and there are 11 marquise-cut diamond hour markers. A truly remarkable stand out piece in my opinion, and a favourite for 2021.

Eleni Kroustis, Assistant International Watch Buyer

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