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The World’s Largest Collection of Patek Philippe Electronic Clocks

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Analog:Shift and Collectability unveil the world’s largest collection of Patek Philippe Electronic Clocks.

Analog:Shift partners with Collectability to unveil the world’s largest collection of Patek Philippe electronic clocks for sale and public exhibition at the Analog:Shift Manhattan showroom. The 40-piece collection was expertly curated in collaboration between Analog:Shift’s James Lamdin and Collectability’s John Reardon and represents the first of its kind ever offered for public sale.

The 40 electronic clocks were each custom made by Patek Philippe between the 1960s and 1980s, each taking up to 18 months to manufacture. This one-of-a-kind collection was assembled over nearly four decades, and includes clocks which served to power iconic institutions including the Swiss Parliament, international airports, a nuclear power station, a Swedish military hospital and the French Navy. The signature piece in the collection is an entirely unique double stamped Patek Philippe Chronoquartz Master Timing System made by Patek Philippe for Rolex circa 1968.

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"These clocks are, in fact, THE 'analog shift'. They represent the actual moment in history in which the industry began moving from traditional analog mechanical timekeeping mechanisms into the digital age we all know today. The story of these electronic clocks, and the multitude of functions they served for government functions, scientific timing, industrial applications, and in the Swiss watch industry itself is simply astounding. This collection - painstakingly assembled over decades - is unparalleled and is without question the most significant of its type,” says James Lamdin, Vice President of Vintage and Pre-Owned for Watches of Switzerland.

The Exhibition, titled “Meeting Point” as a nod to it’s historical roots, is on display at the Analog:Shift showroom in Manhattan, and is viewable by appointment throughout Summer 2022. For more information, please email

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