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The Complete Calibre Guide to Women's Watches with Jessica Diamond and Faye Soteri

Katie Harrell 1 minute read
JLC womens reverso (2).png

For Calibre Podcast’s first all-female line-up, join Jessica Diamond, Watch and Jewelry Editor at the Sunday Times Style and Times LUXX, and Faye Soteri, Senior Watch Buyer at the Watches of Switzerland Group, as they discuss all things women’s watches. Join the pair as they dive into the history of the women’s watch, women’s watches of today, key trends, and what pieces they have firmly on their wish-list.

Dating back to the origins of the first-ever women’s watch in the early 1800s, we discover women’s pivotal role in the evolution of wristwatches, beginning with the creation of the Breguet pocket watch in 1810. Worn only by aristocratic women of the time, women’s watches slowly began to filter through the masses, modernizing over the years and giving us the beautiful timepieces we know them for today.

Moving us into the 21st century, the pair highlight key trends across the horological space, the rise of women wearing what we traditionally think as ‘men’s watches’, and conclude with their must-have timepieces of today.

You can listen to this podcast below:

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